Automation and workflow solutions for Inventor

Improve productivity, automation and the quality of your product design on Inventor

There is a big difference between being busy and being productive. With our solutions you can optimize processes and automate design work cost-effectively. Reducing the number of tedious tasks with software saves time and helps the user to focus on more meaningful and motivating engineering challenges.

Make your Inventor workflow better with Link-It®.

Link-It® for Inventor

Even the most accurate guidelines and processes do not guarantee good results if there is no adjusted end user software that makes it easy to follow guidelines and standards.

Link-It ensures a consistent and structured way to work with CAD data. Automate your error-prone routine tasks with Link-It and make it easy for users to manage accurate and consistent data in CAD files.

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Link-It® Properties for Inventor

Link-It® Properties provides the user with an intelligent and integrable user interface to manage CAD model’s and drawing’s property data. It ensures data consistency and automates everyday routine tasks, which leads to higher quality and higher productivity.

Link-It® Properties is flexibly customizable for various needs. Its customizable data form provides versatile possibilities to enhance the usability and automation of design data management – to name a few – menu fields, dynamic menus, dynamic field properties, dynamic field population, autoformat and tooltips. Link-It® Properties can connect to PLM and ERP systems, improving and automating data sharing within your business system environment.

  • Customizable input fields for Inventor model and drawing iProperties, material and mass properties
  • Customizable BOM view for BOM exports
  • Customizable input table for Inventor drawing's revision table
  • Customizable automation for Inventor file naming
  • Connect Inventor with PLM and ERP system
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Link-It® Publish for Inventor

Link-It® Publish automates CAD file and data exporting as well as repetitive data checks and preparations. Link-It® Publish is capable of producing various CAD file export formats and extracting, manipulating and exporting metadata from Inventor to data formats, such as .txt, .csv, .xml, .json, .xlsx et cetera. Link-It® Publish can process multiple CAD files in one go, saving huge amounts of time while minimizing errors.

Link-It® Publish can be customized flexibly for various export requirements. You can customize logic that automates for instance target folder selection, file naming, data checks and much more. Link-It® Publish can connect to other systems and automate data transfer from design to downstream processes.

  • Handy search tools for collecting Inventor drawings in the publication list
  • Customizable filters to finalize the publication list
  • Customizable publish methods
  • Transfer Inventor data to PLM and ERP
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Thanks to great tools and support from our Software Partners we are able to develop and deliver software with high quality integration to Market leading CAD and PLM systems.

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