Link-It® Design Logic

Link-It® Design Logic is a configurator tool for 3D CAD. With Design Logic, you can build a dynamic configurator user interface and create a logic that configures your 3D model. With Design Logic you benefit from shortened project engineering lead times and better control over design quality.

Link-It® Design Logic provides versatile possibilities to enhance the usability and increase the automation of product configuration processes. It provides the user with – to name a few – menu fields, dynamic menus, dynamic field properties, dynamic field population, autoformat, tooltips and images.

Link-It® Design Logic can also connect your configurable 3D model to sales configurator systems – therefore close the gap between sales and engineering.

Benefits of Link-It® Design Logic

  • Capture and automate engineering know-how
  • Reduce complicated engineering instructions
  • Less repetitive double work
  • Reduce delivery lead times drastically
  • 3D model remains flexible for manual rework when needed

Link-It® Design Logic is available for Creo and SolidWorks.

Product demo videos

Link-It® Design Logic for SolidWorks

Create product specific configuration forms and logic for your SolidWorks models.

Link-It® Design Logic for Creo

Create product specific configuration forms and logic for your Creo models.


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