Link-It® Design Robot

Link-it Design Robot is able to run as a service on unmanned servers and can automate the CAD processes of configuration and publication. Design Robot can also be integrated with other available systems. For example, the robot can fetch order information from your sales tool and send the generated CAD deliverables to an ERP system after configuration. Design Robot utilizes your Link-It® Design Logic and Link-It® Publish Documents tools in the background. Therefore, you can continue to use the same CAD models, tools and setup with Design Robot as you would normally use in project engineering.

Benefits of Link-It® Design Robot

Link-It® Design Robot can run several CAD sessions in the background simultaneously and scale up to higher performance whenever needed. The error handling feature of the Design Robot ensures that possible failures in model regeneration are captured and reported properly.

  • Reduce delivery lead times drastically
  • High control over product configuration processes
  • Minimize the time from design changes to mass customization readiness

Link-It® Design Robot is available for Creo.


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