Link-It® Manage Properties

Link-It® Manage Properties provides the user with an intelligent and integrable user interface to manage design data in CAD files. It ensures data consistency and automates everyday routine tasks, which leads to higher quality and higher productivity.

Link-It® Manage Properties is flexibly customizable for various use cases. Its customizable data form provides versatile possibilities to enhance the usability and automation of design data management – to name a few – menu fields, dynamic menus, dynamic field properties, dynamic field population, autoformat and tooltips. Manage Properties can also be integrated with your PLM and ERP systems to automate and streamline users’ PLM processes.

Benefits of Link-It® Manage Properties

  • Streamlined design work
  • Manage data quality at an early stage
  • Improved traceability of product data
  • Save the user's time
  • Reduce the need for complicated engineering instructions
  • Upgrades PLM usability

Link-It® Manage Properties is available for Creo, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

Product demo videos

Link-It® Manage Properties for Creo

Control on Creo document parameters.

Link-It® Manage Properties for SolidWorks

Control on SolidWorks document custom properties.

Link-It® Manage Properties for Inventor

Control on Inventor document iProperties.


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