Link-It® Publish Documents

Link-It® Publish Documents automates CAD file and data exporting as well as repetitive data checks and preparations. Publish Documents is capable of producing various CAD file export formats and extracting, manipulating and exporting metadata from CAD to other data formats, such as .txt, .csv, .xml, .json, .xlsx et cetera. Publish Documents can process multiple CAD documents in one go, saving huge amounts of time while minimizing errors.

Link-It® Publish Documents can be customized flexibly for various requirements. Advanced logic can be defined to your exports target folder, file naming, data checks and manipulation. Publish Documents can connect to other systems and automate data transfer from design to data sharing systems.

Benefits of Link-It® Publish Documents

  • Standardize the format and quality of CAD outcome
  • Less tedious manual work
  • Save the user's time
  • Reduce errors

Link-It® Publish Documents is available for Creo, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

Product demo videos

Link-It® Publish Documents for Creo

Mass extract and export data from Creo documents.

Link-It® Publish Documents for SolidWorks

Mass extract and export data from SolidWorks documents.

Link-It® Publish Documents for Inventor

Mass extract and export data from Inventor documents.


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