Link-It® Robot

Integrate any system, automate any process

Link-It® Robot is a web platform for the development of a modern API-driven integration architecture and data transfer automation, which is used to implement light and easy-to-use APIs tailored to the customer, instead of point-to-point connections between different systems.

In other words, with Link-It® Robot, we standardize with you a common API (REST) ​​interface for your company that talks to your company’s various databases and business systems such as PLM, ERP, CPQ.

External applications running on the same server or separate workers can also be connected to Link-It® Robot, which enables data processing automatically as part of integrated data transfer. For example, the ‘watermarking’ of PDF files as part of the file search or the configuration of the configurable product’s CAD model including the generation of drawings and the manufacturing data as a seamless part of the automatic CTO process.

  • Save on development and maintenance costs of system integrations
  • Enable advanced process automation

Link-It® Worker for Creo

Link-It® Worker for Creo automates CAD files configuration and publication process. It runs as a service on an unmanned server or workstation, receiving order information from sales tool and generating CAD deliverables for downstream processes. Link-It® Worker for Creo utilizes Link-It® Logic and Link-It® Publish software in the background. Therefore, you can to use the same Creo 3D models with Link-It® Robot as you use in manual project engineering. This enables fast product change process from engineering to design automation.

  • Reduce order-to-delivery lead time
  • High control over product configuration processes
  • Minimize the time from design changes to mass customization readiness
  • Standardize the quality of CAD outputs


Thanks to great tools and support from our Software Partners we are able to develop and deliver software with high quality integration to Market leading CAD and PLM systems.

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