Link-It Client Setup

Link-It Client Setup program installs workstation specific components of Link-It software.


Link-It Server folder contains two Link-It Client installation programs: client_setup.bat and client_setup.exe. Run client_setup.bat program to install Link-It Client software with default settings and without user interaction.

The Link-It client installation can be run using either user or administrative priviledges. If the installation is run with user priviledges then the workstation specific components are installed into user’s local data folders.

Some CAD programs (e.g. SolidWorks) require administrative priviledges in order to install the Link-It interface. The Link-It client installation program reads the Link-It license file and checks whether the existing CAD programs require administrative access rights. If the client installation was started with user priviledges and administrative priviledges are required then the client installation is cancelled. Use the file explorer option “Run as administrator” to run Link-It client installation with administrative priviledges.

Below is shown instructions of how to run Link-It Client installation with client_setup.exe.

1.  The client installation starts directly from the Link-It Server folder. Double click “client_setup.exe” to run the program with user priviledges. Select the program and use “Run as administrator” option to run the program with administrative priviledges.

2.  Select the installation language from the list box. This language is ONLY used during the installation. Click  OK  to continue.

If the client installation was started with user priviledges and administrative priviledges are required then the client installation is cancelled. Click  OK  to cancel the installation.

An existing Link-It Client installation is removed before the new installation. Click  OK  to continue.

3. The installation wizard shows a welcome page. Click  Next >  to continue.

4.  Accept the license agreement by choosing  I accept the agreement. Click  Next >  to continue.

5.  Select folder for Link-It Client installation.Use the default path or browse a new location. Click  Next > to continue.

6.  Select additional tasks for your environment. These options are:

Windows environment variables:

  • Select Create only for current user if only the current user uses the Link-It program.
  • Select Create for all users if you want Link-It to be visible for all users on this computer.

Select Clean up user’s Link-It data from Windows register to clean up client information for Windows register.

Select Manage personal license file if you want to use an other license file than the one located in LinkIt_Server folder.

Click  Next >  to continue.

7.  Select Link-It customization folder. By default, Link-It Client installation program searches customization folder “LinkIt_Shared” (or “APIGlue_Shared”) besides the Link-It Server folder. Click  Next >  when ready.

8.  Ready to Install page appears. Check that values are valid and click  Install  to start the installation.

9.  Installation completed successfully. Click  Finish  to exit the wizard.

Link-It is now ready to use in your 3D CAD workstation.

Link-It interfaces for CATIA, Creo Parametric and Pro/ENGINEER require some additional configuration steps:

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