Windchill usability tools

PLM system is a backbone of digital product management. Thousands of manufacturing companies all over the world trust on PTC’s Windchill PLM platform which has been ranked in many benchmarks as the number one PLM system in the market. With MP Softs Windchill usability tools you can improve the user experience of Windchill PLM. User interfaces optimized for your use cases and processes increase end-user satisfaction and productivity.

Windchill usability tools

  • Reduce the lead time of product development
  • Increase the quality of configurable product models
  • Enhance the usability of Windchill Options and Variants
  • Help design engineers to handle large configurable CAD models
  • Can be customized to fit your company's needs


Rule-It provides an intuitive and powerful user interface to define product configuration rules in Windchill Options and Variants. User can view and create conditional rules between options and choices through a simple Excel type of table view. With Rule-It user has better control over configuration rules and it saves lots of time by  performing automatically time consuming repeatable tasks.


Drive-It provides an intuitive user interface to drive 3D configurations model using Windchill Options and Variants rulebase. The user selects configuration options, and the program will instantly solve the configuration logic modelled in Windchill and generates the 3D variant on CAD. User can also pick one or more saved variant specs from Windchill, after which the program automatically creates 3D variant representations according to each of the chosen variants.

Drive-It makes it easy to continuously test and validate configurable product models in 3D during product development. This speeds up the development process and improves the overall quality of your configurable product models.


Thanks to great tools and support from our Software Partners we are able to develop and deliver software with high quality integration to Market leading CAD and PLM systems.

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