Improve the quality, productivity and automation of your product design

There is a big difference between being busy and being productive. With our solutions you can optimize processes and automate design work cost-effectively. Reducing the number of tedious tasks with software saves time and helps the user to focus on more meaningful and motivating engineering challenges.

Make work flow with Link-It®.


Even the most accurate guidelines and processes do not guarantee good results if there is no adjusted end user software that makes it easy to follow guidelines and standards.

Link-It ensures a consistent and structured way to work with CAD data. Automate your error-prone routine tasks with Link-It and make it easy for users to manage accurate and consistent data in CAD files.

Link-It design automation tools makes it possible to design customized products as fast and reliably as standard products. Link-It enables you to quickly deliver accurate and detailed 3D viewables, CAD drawings and manufacturing data for each customized product.

With Link-It you can capture and effectively reuse your engineering knowledge and automate the design and creation of CAD deliverables. It can also integrate CAD with a sales configurator – enabling a fully automated chain from sales to manufacturing.

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Link-It® Properties

Automate every day routine tasks and manage CAD data through an intelligent and integrable user interface.

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Link-It® Logic

Get better control over design quality creating configurator interfaces and logics for CAD models.

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Link-It® Publish

Make your design process faster and more reliable by standardizing and automating CAD file and data export routines.

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Link-It® Robot

Integrate any system, automate any process.

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Link-It® Drive

Easily test and validate configurable product models in 3D during product development with an intuitive and powerful user interfaces for PLM product configurator.

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Thanks to great tools and support from our Software Partners we are able to develop and deliver software with high quality integration to Market leading CAD and PLM systems.

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